Use Cases

Distribution and access of document assets

February 26, 2019 usecase

This video focuses on how Templafy solves distribution and access to company templates and digital assets. 

Document access and distribution is a highly complex challenge.  

Typically, intranetsfile shares, and built-in template solutions are being used for distribution and access of company documents, templates and digital assets.   

Common problems with using these solutions include:  

·        They are difficult to maintain with cumbersome end-user access control  

·        They are becoming obsolete -particularly in hybrid-infrastructure setups 

·        Employees have problems finding assets  

·        And employees are wasting time.  

This is why we created Templafy.  

Templafy eliminates these issues by connecting the apps and tools employees already use, such as Digital Assets, Document Management systems, CRM systems, and Document creation apps.  

Templafy utilizes whole IT infrastructures, optimizing the digital experience for both administrators and employees. 

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